The Adventure Begins - How I Met My Wife

I met the woman who would become my wife in the Fall of 1999.  She was a foreign exchange student doing a year of studies in The United States, and I was a goofy youth leader with an organization called Young Life.  After the year was over, she moved back to Berlin.  We stayed in touch with one another for years and our paths would even occasionally cross on various visits to each other's county.  Despite the distance between us, ours was a strong friendship that matured into a deep, meaningful, beautiful love for one another.  As the years went by, the love between us grew stronger and stronger until we finally admitted our true feelings for each other.  Although there was an ocean between us, our love was stronger.  Before I flew to Berlin in the Summer of 2013, I mentioned to my future wife that I was going there to begin a courtship  (this was my way of hinting that I already knew I was going to ask her to marry me).  Once the flight was booked, my wife started figuring out ways for me to meet her parents and family (this was her way of hinting that she would say yes when I asked her).  After the plane landed and our eyes met for the first time after admitting our love for each other, there was absolutely no doubt.  From that very instant, we both knew in our hearts that we were already married.  Three months later, we both proposed to each other and we were married nine months after that.

During that year, we spent as much time together as possible through traveling, social media and especially Skype.  Living over 7,000km away with a 7 hour time difference from the one you love can be challenging, but it helped us grow even stronger and communicate even better with each other.   But although the distance between us helped us grow stronger, we also felt like it was becoming unbearable.  We both knew that we were going to live together as husband and wife after we were married.  But...  Where?  When?  How?

It was at this junction in our lives, that I decided to start this BLOG.  A BLOG about the cultural, economic, environmental and burocratic experiences and adventures that this American has encountered as he moves to, and becomes acclimated with, a German/European life.

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