Monday, January 12, 2015

If You're Not Sure, Always Ask...

I am a social person, but I also enjoy being independent as well.  Moving to another country has forced me to rely on a lot of help from others.  Within the two months I've been here, I have learned enough German to get around.  But, overconfidence can occasionally get me into trouble.

While enjoying a delightful meal from a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Neukölln, I noticed something on my plate that I didn't recognize.  Earlier that day, my wife had been teasing me about smelling everything before I ate it.  So, rather than ask what it was, I decided to chance it and take a spoon full. No sooner than the spoon left my mouth, the look on my wife's face became priceless!  I assumed it wasn't poisionious, or it wouldn't have been on the plate to begin with...   The discovery I made, was that hot sauce sometimes comes in a paste and can look almost exactly like a side.   Fortunately, I am used to exceptionally spicy foods...  But even at that, I learned an important lesson!  Ask!

Lesson learned, right?  Less than a week later, I was opening an Advent Calendar filled all sorts of goodies!  The chocolates were amazing, but the calendar also contained other fun, luxurie items. There were little candles, candies and a strange little bag covered in hearts and strawberries.  Assuming it to be candy, I opened the bag (without asking, because I wanted to be independent) and gave it a try!  Fortunately, it didn't take long to realize that bath salts are not eatable!  This time, the "lesson" cost me an hour of my life hovering over a toilet...

As of right now, I'm back to smelling everything before I eat it and asking lots of questions.  As soon as I gain more confidence, I'll update this blog with other items that I have accidentally consumed!

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