Sunday, January 11, 2015

Deutsch Hausschuhe / German House Shoes

Germans are absolutely obsessed with their house shoes.  House shoes are kept both in the entrance area and bedrooms.  Sometimes, there are even emergency pairs located in other strategic areas throughout the home.  Upon returning home from the outside, Germans assume that their clothing (specifically shoes) have become contaminated!  Shoes, boots, sandals, etc. worn outside are absolutely never permitted to proceed past the entrance. (Jeans and pants are also considered contaminated, but are given more household permissions)  House shoes are so important, that many Germans keep extra pairs in entrance areas for guests. And if house shoes are unavailable, thick wool socks are offered as a reasonable substitute.  In addition returning home, house shoes are also the first thing worn after a shower, before getting out of bed and before movement is required anywhere within the living space.  House shoes are also the last item of clothing removed at night.  After arriving in Germany, I questioned if there was a law not allowing Germans to touch the floor with their bare feet.  While officially there is no such law in place, I have yet to witness a German touching the floor with their bare feet...  I'll keep you posted, but it many be many years before this post gets updated.

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