Monday, December 22, 2014

What/Who do Germans Love?

Americans love life! Americans love their families, friends, dogs, cats and pets! They love beautiful houses, fast cars,  hotdogs and their favorite television shows!  Americans love watching football, playing baseball and eating apple pie.  According to the  McDonald's slogan, Americans even love that, crap too!  Germans feel the same way about their lives, too. However, they don't use the word love/liebe nearly as often.  This isn't because Germans don't share the same emotions as Americans, rather it's because they take the word love much more seriously. Thus, Germans "really like" many of the things that Americans "love!"  Love is a word reserved for the wife, husband, children and for things exceptionally dear.  I must admit, this is a difference in language that is taking me some time to get used to!  If I had a Euro for every time my wife has said:  "No, no Honey... You love me, you only like Döner!" I would be a very wealthy man!


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