Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunday and The Weekend

The German week begins with Monday (Montag) and ends with Sunday (Sonntag).  Thus, in Germany, the weeks are Monday through Sunday, not Sunday through Saturday as with The United States.  Calendars, Schedules and Weekly Planners will look slightly confusing for a while.  The days of the week, in Germany, are as follows:  MO - Montag, DI - Dienstag, MI - Mittwoch, DO - Donnerstag, FR - Freitag, SA - Samstag, SO - Sonntag.

Sunday (Sonntag) is the last day of the week because Germany honors this day as the seventh, and Biblical day of rest.  And in accordance with Sunday being the Biblical day of rest, many stores, shops, businesses and even pharmacies are closed.  There are a few exceptions like restaurants and public houses that remain open, but everything definitely moves at a slower pace.  Sunday is a day reserved for church, relaxation, reflection, family time and Tatort.

Because there's no shopping on Sunday, it is important to make a checklist of important items you might run out of before Monday: 1) Toilet Paper, 2) Carbonated Water, 3) Potatoes.  So, If you notice on Friday that you're starting to run a little low on something, make sure to to get it before the Saturday shopping rush or the stores closed on Sunday.

Tatort (Scene of The Crime) is a weekly crime drama that airs on German television.  Tatort might be the longest running crime drama on television.  The intro and theme music have been exactly the same for almost an entire half century, but each week features a new crime mystery in a new city with different detectives.  Some episodes are thinking mysteries, some episodes are nonstop action thrillers, keeping Tatort interesting, different new and exciting.  To say that many Germans are addicted to Tatort would be an understatement.

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