Thursday, December 11, 2014

Less Time on Facebook, More Time Outside!

Perhaps you might have noticed that I never mentioned my wife's name during the story of how we got married.  No, I haven't forgotten her name already, I didn't mention it on purpose.   One of the first things I noticed about Germans was that they are a lot more private than Americans are online.  I have noticed that many Germans don't have Facebook pages, and those that do, often don't use their real names.  This is in stark contrast to my friends in America that often have multiple Facebook pages, including pages for themselves, their pets and their various interests.  Also, the Germans that I know with Facebook don't post as often, comment as often, "like" things as much or update their statuses as frequently as Americans do.   But, while Germans live a much more private life online, they also live much more social life I public.  It seems to me that Germans would much rather be outside experiencing life, than sitting in front of a computer posting about it.  Even on days with subpar weather, the parks, playgrounds, outdoor cafés and other outdoor areas are packed full of people. Where we live in Neukölln (a trendy neighborhood in Berlin) there are people outside at all hours of the day and night. Tonight, it is 3:30am and raining, but I still hear people outside walking their dogs.

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