Sunday, December 14, 2014

Now We're Cooking!

At first glance, many German kitchens look exactly the same (My wife disagrees, but because she has lived here her whole life, it's easier for her to spot the differences).  In almost all of the kitchens I've seen, the cabinets are bright white and very smooth.  The ovens are are usually electric and their burners are built into the counter top.   Refrigerators, dishwashers, and occasionally washing machines are either built-ins, or fit so perfectly that it blends right in with the rest of the environment.   Everything is bright white, smooth, uniform and in close proximity.   My first impression of the kitchens here, was that they look how I imagine a kitchen would look like if hospital rooms had kitchens.

But, now that I've been here for a while, the German kitchen design has really started to grow on me!  While they might not be exceptionally diverse, they are extremely efficient.  The white color makes dirt easier to discover, the smooth surfaces help make clean up simple and quick, the built in stove tops allow for lots of extra counter space while they're not being used and everything is really accessible while cooking or baking.   Now that I understand the German kitchen, it's very easy for me to appreciate it! (and even enjoy cooking). Just receintly, I cooked for the first time here!  My wife is still alive and not in any discomfort, I'd call that a success...

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