Sunday, December 14, 2014

German Television!

So far, I have seen German celebrities sliding down bobsled hills while riding on top of woks, fussball, dating shows featuring German farmers, fussball,  round table talk show discussions where half the hosts were completely intoxicated, fussball, competitions between adults and children (the children always winning), fussball and other various competition type shows where someone does something insane, daring or just outright silly.  Last night, I watched a blindfolded child identifying dogs by the way the dog licked liverwurst off of his hands!

Then, there is Tatort!  Tatort might be the longest running crime drama show anywhere in the world!  Each Sunday evening, the German world screeches to a halt as almost everyone in the country becomes glued to the television.  There are Tatort Parties and even Tatort Bars (I'm not sure yet, but I believe Fussball matches might even be scheduled around Tatort to avoid viewer conflict)

Meanwhile, for children, there is a show called DieMous.  The music sounds like something written by Herb Alpert and the anamation looks about 50 years old...  But, DieMous is exceptionally entertaining and explains things like:  How Touch Screen Computers Work, The Binary System, How Engines Work and Where Poop Comes From!

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  1. I guess Tatort is indeed very popular: