Thursday, December 25, 2014

German Christmas Markets

Since arriving in Berlin, my wife and I have been very busy meeting with friends at various Christmas Markets.  There are Christmas Markets everywhere here and I had a delightful time at everyone of them.  There were lots of little shops with a wide variety of goods and items.  Shops sold everything from Christmas decorations to extremely creative and expensive rarities.  One of my favorites shops sold lamps made out of actual musical instruments.  There were shops from professional retailers, but many of them appeared to be set up by local independent artists and business.   And of course, there is plenty of food!  The smell of sausages, fresh bread and roasted almonds filled the air almost everywhere we went!  There was chocolate absolutely everywhere!  And the German tradition of drinking Glühwien (a fruity red wine served warm) was available everywhere.  In addition to the shops and food the larger Markets even offered outdoor ice skating rinks and even a few amusement rides.  The Christmas Markets were the perfect place to meet with friends, grab a bite to eat, do some Christmas shopping and enjoy spending time outside during the beginning of Winter.   If traveling through Germany during November and December, I highly recommend visiting a few Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmäkte)


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