Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fast Food in Berlin

Although there is "American" fast food here (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, etc...), they're less frequent, less popular and nowhere close to as advertised.  But, Berlin still has plenty of fast food. Where we live in Neukölln, there is a Döner on almost every corner.   Döner is much like what we call a Gyro in Chicago.  Berlin also has plenty of Currywurst! (So much so, that there's even a Currywurt museum here).  Currywurst is the simple combination of bratwurst with curry ketchup, often served with bread or fries.  There are plenty of hamburger, chicken and sausage places.  Although small, many of these places have windows that allow folks to order right from the sidewalk. Usually, these places have an outdoor sitting or standing area. Unlike the giant American chain restaurants, the majority of the fast food stands here are independent, making for a different experience and flavor around every corner.  Also unlike American fast food restaurants, beer and alcohol is readily available with your meal.  There are plenty of little cafés here where one can sit and enjoy a coffee, beer or wine with slice of cake around friends.  There are also tons of bakeries and little sandwich places around, even.down in the subways or on top of train platforms. It would be impossible to try everything, but I have enjoyed just about everything I've had thus far.  Perhaps because of the independent, competitive nature of the fast food scene here, and definitely because Germans are much more "food aware" than the average American, ingredients are fresher and the food is better quality!  Seriously delicious!

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